Bogotá, Colombia
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El mobiliario “>|” explora sobre conceptos de maleabilidad y espesor aprovechando el buen rendimiento mecánico del concreto Concreto Resilia, por medio de la composición de dos planos que se doblan plásticamente, dos curvas tangentes que casi se tocan en un punto para formar una banca. Es más, sus dos componentes abstractos pueden rotarse o acostarse para convertirse en dos posibles tipos de mesa gracias a que cada plano doblado puede ser autónomo y autoportante.

Cliente: CEMEX
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Bogotá, Colombia

The International Convention Centre of Medellín is based on the idea of an “open doors” city, defining a contrast with the traditional approach, where institutional building are surrounded by fences and therefore isolated from the neighborhood, on the contrary, the project boost the un- built areas, making them as important as the built ones, allowing the public space to act as the main generator of urbanity.

The project transformed the original site by manipulating the composition of the “base plan”, from which an artificial new topography and a new piazza was created. The now public realm, enables massive events to happen, attracts people and overcrowds the place while generated a new centrality for the city.

The image of the buildings is a sequence of simple volumes covered with building envelopes ranging from solid stone, through timber louvers and finally to the un-materiality of glass, allowing an interesting mixture of light and shadows to occur. These skins are a metaphor form of the basement of a rock to the vertical sequence of wood elements.

The main box or main lobby is an artifact able to assume the changing range of activities that happen in this type of buildings, the inner space allows several transformations alternating from a meeting place, or open covered and shadowed piazza, to place for concerts and events, or even additional space for a temporal gallery or a fair. This can happen even when the C.I.C. is closed to the public.